1.Current Conditions

The key factor in the ongoing collapse of the current socioeconomic system is the inherent contradiction in the boundless pursuit of profit without taking into account the capacity and limits of people and the planet. As a result, there has been created a wrong image for the economy, justice, love and spirituality, anachronistic ways of thinking and an enormous abuse of natural resources. Through this false orientation, there has been created a global model of fear and violence, which has undermined the human soul. The new society though, realizes more and more clearly the existing reality and goes against the current, revolts, mobilizes and seeks for a new value system devoid of the fake virtual reality of the mass media.

2.The first cells of a new world

The new social model that seems to emerge from ordinary people is no longer comprised of the antiquated notions of domination over others and the pursuit of profit and power, but comes from the “sacred” laws of life: solidarity, cooperativeness, the commons and freedom of conscience. The Revolution has begun inside us and will embrace the whole planet because it is increasingly being made clear that we are all one.

In every place where destruction is raging, it is where the first cells of a new world are born.

Two worlds are facing one another today. The world of genuine life who spontaneously cooperates and is organized globally (as evidenced by the recent riots), and the world of humans as witnessed daily. These two worlds will meet or collide with one another, something which is inevitable. Nothing can stand against the social evolution!

3. We are getting ready for this

  • And we say: Disengagement from the socio-economic commitments created by the System today.
  • We say: The basic pillars of life (water, food, energy, shelter, love) must be released from the forces that have destroyed them (established institutions).
  • We say: Cooperation instead of competition, trust instead of suspicion, commons instead of private property.
  • We say: Science and logic instead of irrational beliefs and meaningless ideologies.

4. Our answer

Localisation and ecovillage network is our answer against the storm of the financial system. We consider the food, energy, housing and psychological disengagement from the system as acts of active resistance. Thus we neither advocate nor agree with any introverted parochial isolationism. Our main concern is the spread of any knowledge acquired in the course of our project as well as the promotion of the creation and continuous expansion of an ecovillage network.

The basic parameters of our project have to do with specific research mainly on water, food, energy production and housing in order to form a new model to meet the basic material needs of humans. A model that meets the criterion of sustainability and not that of the destruction of nature, as we realize that there can be no true development without rational use of natural resources.

 Spithari – Waking Life


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